GLPS Vamanjoor is the famous Government L.P.School situated nearest to Hosangadi town. All the facilities are available for the children to study both in KANNADA and MALAYALAM  medium.The school was began before 1930. All the staff namely the PTCM , the cook  and all the teachers here are really dedicated to their profession.
               During the academic year 2014-15 we have conducted all the activities and day celebrations .
               The first General  Body meeting decided  Mr. Ummer as our PTA president unanimously and it was a hat-tric for him.
                We have conducted a Medical Camp in the early days of this academic year , which was lead by Dr. Ambily who is a famous and efficient homeopath  working in Manjeshwar govt homeopathy hospital.
                 On 5th of  June on the occasion of World Environment Day we distributed neem plants for students and planted some in the school compound also. 

                  Vayana Dinam programmes were inaugurated by our ward member Shri. Nagesha. The activities started after  taking vayana dina prathijnha all the students got  chances for activites like testing memory, writing vayana kurip ,and Reading competition. We have also conducted exhibition of books (both Kannada and  Malayalam).
                      We made a CD show in connection with the Lunar Day on 21st July and also conducted a Quiz competition (class-wise)
                    On Hiroshima day there was a display of wall-magazines and also conducted a quiz competition among 2nd 3rd and 4th std students in which Ist place was secured by Nuzha of 4th std (Malayalam) , IInd place by Adil of IInd std (Malayalam) and IIIrd place by Deva Priya IIIrd std (Malayalam).
                      68th Independence Day clelebration was a really colourful one . After the flag hoisting ceremony children presented various skills in art , like group song, patriotic song , elocution and dance.

We celebrated the Onam festival With Pookkalam and Sadya. We got a good paricipation of students Parents our Alumnis and the native public. Ward member Mr Nagesh, Teachers from BRC Mr Vijayakumar, Mr.Rahim, Mr.Dinesha of GHSS Kunjathur , Our former Head Teachers, etc were some of our guests in our celebrations


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